Hoodie Jackets with Style, Choice, and Balance

Droodie, the latest hoodie jacket, is arguably the most interchangeable and customized clothing on earth.

Taken from the principles that govern all things, this hooded jacket is significantly more than the sum of its parts–though the sum of those parts is in fact two, rather than one, but in the end:


Akin to the Yin and Yang, Light and Dark, Sun and Moon, Dreams and Reality, the custom, two-colored Droodie Hoodie Jacket brings together a perfect balance for each unique, individual person. By selecting two favored colors, wearers are immediately able to don that which creates for them the greatest sense of pride for each of their respective, connected, representative issues, causes, support, or affiliations.


every special wearer begins to further customize each half of their balanced Droodie, the sense of completeness only increases and a stronger connection organically grows.

For those whose special Droodie has become a unique representation of their personal lives and are looking to interchange with other areas of themselves or their loved ones–perhaps even complete strangers–the special, Droodie-only feature of swapping is available simply by removing one-half of the jacket.

Balance Yourself.


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